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Dive into a curated showcase of our best works, spanning from our company's recent innovations to our personal milestones from years past. Witness the breadth and depth of our digital journey.

  • Innovative Event Solutions

    Our team has been instrumental in shaping entrance control and experience at premier events like Ultra Music Festival and at venues such as Stadion Poljud. We've excelled in multiple areas, from entrance controls using tripods and mobile devices to collaborating with ticket providers and addressing networking issues. Our hands-on experience at these grand stages ensures reliability even in high-pressure environments.

  • Cutting-Edge App Development

    We've developed a wide array of digital solutions. From Kiosk applications reminiscent of those seen in Mc’Donald's to mobile apps like Vending Wallet, gym4team, and goodtogo. These span platforms and functionalities – from facilitating sports appointments to managing vending machine operations and more.

  • Holistic Event Management Tools

    Our experience spans crafting comprehensive event management tools at companies like mStart and GOOD/TO/GO. From pre-pairing media for entrance control to devising complete applications catering to event content - such as sponsors, speakers, and schedules - we've always aimed to offer holistic tools. With specialized solutions, our services have been adapted for events like Place2GO and Weekend Media Festival.

  • Exploring New Tech Horizons

    Our engagement with innovative technologies at Bimosoft, like ChatGPT, TTS, and STT, showcases our commitment to staying ahead in the tech curve. Diverse projects like "Book a yacht", crawlers, and weather sites emphasize our broad tech interests. One of our core strengths is our ability to rapidly develop solutions across a spectrum, from multi-platform mobile apps to full-fledged system development.

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